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Relish bridges enterprise data systems to help teams collaborate and work where they feel the most comfortable.

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Automatic invoice digitization: Meet Your Digital Clerk

At your service! Your very own Digital Clerk to collect, digitize, format, and integrate your invoices. When suppliers email PDF, CSV, JPG invoices, Relish’s AI engines and OCR turn them into digital invoices ready for your AP process. Your...

Prevent Supplier Fraud: Automated Supplier Data Validation In 1-step

When it comes to dealing with vendors and suppliers, most organizations rely on trust. Actually, 33% of all organizations indicate they do not maintain a vendor or supplier inventory or track the type of data those vendors have access to. Yet, 84% of companies fell...

Integrating MS Teams with SAP Ariba Takes Minutes & Will Keep Your Team Connected

Collaboration is a powerful tool for any procurement organization. Connecting end users with procurement specialists streamline procurement activities, keeps the lines of communication open, and ultimately leads to a stronger relationship...