Cleveland, Jan. 26, 2021/PRNewswire – Relish today announced the launch of its Relish Application Platform that bridges the world’s most powerful enterprise data systems, closes enterprise software solution gaps, and enhances the user experience.

“Rarely does an enterprise software solution meet all user requirements,” said Alex Lopez, Director, Products & Services with Relish.  “We fully understand enterprise software gaps and became obsessed with building a scalable solution to remedy them.”

 The Relish Application Platform is powered by native Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to simplify the complex, close the enterprise solutions’ functionality gaps, and bridge enterprise data systems to help teams collaborate. Relish has done the solution development, so you don’t have to…just log-in and go.

“Over the past 20 years, our experience has proven enterprise software solutions fall short in solving specific, high-value, user stories,” said Ryan Walicki, with Relish. “The Relish Platform is a simple, scalable compliment, to deliver solutions that were otherwise only imagined.  With the end user in mind, our Platform is championed by the leading enterprise software providers.”

Relish, the Application Platform to remedy enterprise ecosystem gaps.  Relish bridges enterprise data systems to help teams collaborate and work where they feel most comfortable.  We are pioneers in data integration using native APIs to simplify the complex.  We have done the development, so you don’t have to.

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