B2B Apps provide scalable, quick, low-investment solutions to maximize your investment.  Just like a good architect, you need to build a solid foundation and structure to support these building blocks.  It is time to start building! Learn how with the Relish Guide.

In our everyday lives, we often think to ourselves (or pontificate to those who are willing to listen) statements like:

  • “I wish it did this…”
  • “If only it could also do this…”
  • “I wish I could have just one view into…”
  • “Why don’t they provide…”

Over the past 10-15 years, in our personal lives, the simple answer has been, “there is an app for that.”

This leaves a basic and fundamental question for our professional lives: Why isn’t it this easy at work?  Why is it so HARD?

Relish exists to provide scalable, supported, and economic solutions for B2B challenges.  Quite simply, there IS now “an app for that”. At Relish, we see the opportunity in the white space existing between what enterprise applications can do and what users need to successfully run their business.

For more information on how Relish can extend your enterprise applications, visit relishiq.com.

Also, learn more or purchase Relish apps at the Coupa App Marketplace or the SAP Store.


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About Relish

Relish App solutions strategically extend your enterprise applications to maximize your investment.  The Relish Application Platform is powered by native APIs to simplify the complex, close enterprise solutions’ functionality gaps, and bridge enterprise data systems to help teams collaborate. Relish has done the solution development, so you don’t have to…just log-in and go!