At the start of 2022, procurement’s long-term future remains bright, even if things look challenging in the near term.  The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a long shadow over business and society.  For procurement, 2022 will be a more demanding year as teams deal with the ongoing pandemic, inflationary (and budgetary) pressures, as well as greater supply chain risk, and an evolving team staffing model.  But, greater stakeholder support and the emergence of game-changing technologies will help counter those challenges.  Preparation, agility, and the ability to drive value from technology will be central to many procurement organizations.

This report presents the BIG trends and makes equally BIG predictions for 2022 that will help procurement leaders and their teams understand the key issues at hand and better prepare for the year ahead.  This report makes predictions related to inflation, supply chain, and technology and how they impact procurement.

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