Technology is the solution companies reach for when they are pressured to adapt and stay ahead, or perhaps just keep up with the competition. Companies rely on technology for payroll, HR, recruiting, and to communicate with staff in the hybrid work environment. Rarely is one enterprise software solution a one-size-fits-all, which is where Relish comes in.

Relish is a backend application that bridges the gaps to extend the capabilities of established software. Relish is designed for companies that need enterprise solutions to boost the ROI of their tech investments and increase overall efficiency. Relish is powered by native APIs. In complex enterprise data systems, eliminating the need for multiple programs. We asked Sean Sollitto, co-founder of Relish, a few questions about the tech landscape facing companies and where Relish fits in.

How does Relish leverage the enterprise software that companies are already using? 

Enterprise solutions solve about 80% of business problems leaving functionality gaps. These gaps are typically filled with expensive custom middleware solutions.  Relish has developed scalable, quick, low-investment solutions to fill these functionality gaps and maximize the value of enterprise IT investments.

After over 20 years of configuring and customizing solutions around supplier validation and invoicing, we developed an app to strategically extend enterprise applications.  Just like the apps we depend on a daily basis for personal use, B2B apps increase productivity, customize solutions, and simplify life.

How does the Relish app platform extend enterprise applications?  

The Relish solutions extend leading enterprise applications, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, and more.  Relish integrates directly using native APIs to provide additional functionality to existing enterprise applications. Business processes such as supplier data validation and invoice digitization typically require manual input with traditional systems. Relish extends those solutions with prebuilt integration.

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About Relish

Relish App solutions strategically extend your enterprise applications to maximize your investment.  The Relish Application Platform is powered by native APIs to simplify the complex, close enterprise solutions’ functionality gaps, and bridge enterprise data systems. Relish has done the solution development, so you don’t have to…just log-in and go!