Tight budgets and demand for ROI mean measuring efficiency is essential and improving cash flow is a daily goal. No matter the business, turning enterprise software into savings and profitability is now one of the smartest moves a company can make.  In our digitally governed industries, enterprise software systems contribute to maximizing efficiency, improving cash flow, driving cost savings, achieving better customer service and leveraging insightful reporting. These applications are designed and developed to improve user experience and eliminate most, if not all, manual processing.  However, it’s become very evident that many of these tools fall short of what businesses need to operate at their full potential.  Like a fingerprint, every company is different with a unique set of requirements, but the fact is, cloud software is designed as a one size fits all approach.

Companies set out on a journey to implement solutions that should address crucial business needs and eliminate inefficient manual processes but, unfortunately, they stop short.  IT and business operations teams continue to reassess applications and chase new solutions but swapping platforms isn’t always the right answer.  It’s imperative that companies assess requirements and determine a true solution that addresses the real issues at hand to ensure success.

“In reality, implementing new software only addresses about 80% of company needs. The true value of the software is in the last 20%,” says Patrick Shea, Chief Revenue Officer at Relish. “There are significant gaps to be filled in enterprises. We’ve seen many companies invest in expensive deployments, only to leave their teams unhappy, with major gaps and the same amount of manual work.”

As CRO, Patrick Shea brings more than 25 years of experience to Relish with a background at SAP, Coupa, Oracle and Accenture focusing on spend management. Shea ran sales teams and closed some of the largest transactions ever recorded in the history of spend management and that insight of working with customers, seeing the different players in the market and interacting with industry experts from every level, has led him to Relish.

Shea explains that businesses are forgetting the last and most crucial step in implementing software solutions which is to fill that final 20% gap: assessing business requirements and tailoring software to fully address company needs. He urges business leaders to dive into what is still being completed manually, talk to different departments and remove silos.

“Companies need enterprise software tools that simplify the user experience and allow them to streamline workflows and reduce the number of manual, time-consuming tasks required,” he says. “Gaps tend to be overlooked or completely unrealized as a problem. Teams don’t have to be miserable. Relish was invented to solve for the last mile in enterprise tasks. That 20% is where you get your value. Think of Relish as the tailor that repairs and alters expensive software to make it fit your company perfectly. Relish is like the icing on the cake – or even better, the Relish on the hotdog…we take it to the next level.”

Because of the company’s scalable, quick-to-deploy, low-investment solution to fill functionality gaps and maximize the value of enterprise IT investments, Shea’s primary goal as CRO is to bring attention to Relish and how the company takes a tailored approach to enterprise spend management solutions to ensure success and drive better outcomes for clients. All-too familiar with constant battles to improve and measure revenue, Shea loves helping companies recognize the solvable 20% gap.  “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers drive value in their enterprise by adding a few of our simple Relish apps to solve complex problems.”

“What we do at Relish with procurement and supply chain is the same thing that Marc Benioff and Salesforce figured out in the CRM space: use targeted apps to solve important business challenges,” Shea said. “Every company using spend management software needs extended apps like ours and that’s what has led to our explosive growth.”

Relish is proud to be a leader in the community of targeted, low-cost spend management apps, developed to deliver immediate adoption and efficiency improvements. Relish has done the development work to make app extensions perform as efficiently as possible and easy to deploy. Users can expect to enhance their current investment and finally deliver success.

Efficient Enterprise Software Solutions 

Adopting efficient enterprise software tools that offer simplified and time-saving solutions for companies is achievable, especially today when we can automate almost anything. Two Relish solutions proven to immediately achieve efficiencies are:

Relish Invoice AI digitizes all emailed and paper invoices and validates and processes them without involvement from the AP team, eliminating keying of invoices and errors.

Relish Data Assure automatically validates supplier data in one step, without human interaction, including name, address, OFAC, bank accounts and more, eliminating the need for manual validations.

Shea is proud that Relish provides organizations with reliable and simplified solutions across the spend management space. As a CRO, he enjoys helping companies boost efficiency in the workplace and enhancing the user experience. He recognizes that every employee has a seat at the decision-making table and delivering solutions that drive productivity and satisfaction is critical to a company’s overall success. “At Relish, we will continue to solve our customers’ problems by delivering simple apps, one success story at a time.”

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