Andras quietly joined Relish in 2022 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager and quickly became an integral part of the team.  We didn’t realize how much we needed him until he got here!  Now that he has been with Relish for a few months, we have a few questions for him!


Q. What is the proper pronunciation of your name?

A. I’m not too hung up on it, but I’ve been impressed with how quickly and well everyone at Relish has worked through this challenge. Imagine combining the names Andre and Josh into one and you will get a decent approximation of how to pronounce Andras (“AWN-drahsh”).

Q. What do you do at Relish?

A. I’m focused on two key areas at the present, but we are a dynamic and growing organization so every day brings changes and new projects to tackle. I spend most of my time engaging with customers to explore how they can strategically extend their enterprise procurement and finance applications to gain additional efficiency and value. In addition, I’m excited to work with our product management team to solve even more challenges faced by our customers. I enjoy the variety of interactions with customers, partners, and developers in this effort.

Q. Which is your favorite Relish App Solution and why?

A. This is like asking someone to pick a favorite child or pet! I don’t want to be accused of playing favorites, but I will say that Relish Data Assure stands out for me because it delivers benefits to customers so quickly and with so little effort! Every customer I’ve interacted with over the last 15 years faced challenges in validating information about their suppliers or business partners. It sounds like a minor issue but validated supplier information is the foundation of every procurement-related process in an enterprise. Data Assure solves that challenge elegantly, within the framework of whatever enterprise application the customer is already using today.

Q. If you could tell the world one thing about Relish, what would it be?

A. For the longest time, I thought one was only allowed to put relish on hot dogs. As it turns out, you can put relish on anything! In most states, there are no regulations on the matter. Imagine the possibilities! The same is true for Relish. We’re here to quickly, easily, and significantly improve whatever is already on the plate of procurement, finance, and AP teams.

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