CLEVELAND, March 13, 2023 – ​Relish, a leading B2B app development and platform company, has announced today that its Relish Invoice AI solution has added support for PIDX, a data exchange standard used in the energy industry.  This enhancement enables energy companies to seamlessly exchange electronic invoices with their suppliers and customers, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

“Supporting our customers in the energy industry is a top priority and offering the ability to automatically accept and exchange invoices using the PIDX standard is a game changer”, said Ryan Walicki, Relish CEO.  “Our Invoice AI integration with PIDX streamlines the invoicing and payment processes, improves accuracy and compliance, and enables our customers to focus on their core business operations.”

Relish Invoice AI’s integration with PIDX enables energy companies to easily convert their invoices into the PIDX format and exchange them with their partners through a secure and compliant platform.  The Relish Invoice AI app can extract data from invoices in various formats, such as PDF, paper or electronic, and convert them into PIDX-compliant documents, reducing the need for manual data entry and validation.  Additionally, Relish Invoice AI can automatically match invoices with purchase orders, track payment status, and provide real-time analytics and reporting.

“The future of AI-powered invoice management is here”, said Eric Weitz, VP of Sales with Relish.  “Now energy companies have the opportunity to leverage it and reduce manual tasks, errors, and costs.”

About Relish

Relish is a user-first B2B app development and platform company designed to extend enterprise applications to maximize return on investment, protect against third-party risk, validate supplier data, automate invoicing, and help teams across industries, company sizes, and digital maturity manage information, tasks, and processes. Learn more at

About PIDX

PIDX is a global nonprofit organization that develops and maintains standards for electronic business documents in the energy sector.  Its standards cover a wide range of documents, including purchase orders, invoices, and payment remittances.  By adopting the PIDX standards, energy companies can automate their invoicing and payment processes, reduce errors and delays, and improve their financial visibility and control.