Cleveland, OH July 25, 2023 – Relish, a leading provider of procurement apps, today announced the introduction of Invoice AI Assistant as an enhancement to its Invoice AI solution.  Invoice AI Assistant is a Conversational AI tool that enables interaction with invoices using natural language. Simply type your request and Invoice AI Assistant will handle it for you. 

The Invoice AI Assistant learns from your data, creates rules, and automates invoice processing. It works seamlessly with the Invoice AI solution to digitize, validate, and reconcile invoices easier than ever. Save time, reduce errors, and capture best practices with natural language invoice interaction.

“The Invoice AI Assistant is a game-changer for AP professionals. It learns and easily completes repetitive AP tasks,” said Ryan Walicki, Relish CEO. “Invoice AI Assistant is the first in a series of Relish AI solutions that will transform users from processors to conductors of their technology.”

The Invoice AI Assistant increases efficiency and productivity by simplifying invoice interaction and reducing approval cycles and resolution times. Organizations will also experience reduced operational costs and errors by eliminating manual data entry and verification. 

“The best part is, the Invoice AI app solution extends your current enterprise applications,” said Patrick Shea, Relish CRO. “Enterprise apps are quick, easy, and partner-certified ensuring ease of use.” 

Invoice AI Assistant is the result of many years of innovation in the AI space. The growing portfolio of Relish AI products developed to extend enterprise applications continues to lead the market and drive success with our customers and software partners.

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