Just when we thought things could not get any better here at Relish, Dan Park joined our team!

Dan leads the Workday Sales efforts and has hit the ground running.  He took a few minutes to answer some burning questions…



Q. Welcome to Relish, Dan! You have a unique combination of experience in software (Oracle, Workday, SAP) and recruitment (LinkedIn and DTM). Which do you like better, technology or people, and why?

A. My experience over the past twenty years in the high-tech industry has allowed me to build world-class technology companies and tackle complex business problems as a sales leader. My passion lies in problem-solving, and I enjoy applying my expertise to address large, difficult challenges, whether they involve working with technology or people.


Q. What makes the Relish/Workday partnership unique?

A. The Relish/Workday partnership elevates Workday Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management capabilities to new heights, integrating the Relish Data Assure application. This collaboration is a significant milestone in empowering procurement organizations to automate and validate supplier data effectively. Doing so significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent information infiltrating procurement systems. Integrating Relish’s innovative technology with Workday’s robust platform is designed to safeguard and enhance the procurement process for our customers.

This partnership is not just about improving functionality; it is about redefining the future of procurement, ensuring our customers operate with the utmost confidence and security in an increasingly complex business environment.

Welcome to a new era of strategic sourcing and supplier management, where innovation, security, and efficiency converge through the Workday and Relish partnership!


Q. Which is your favorite Relish solution and why?

A. Oh my, I cannot narrow it down to just one. That question is like asking me, Which child is your favorite”?  The products offered by Relish are critical to most, if not all, organizations.

  1. Data Assure – Automate, Validate, and Secure Supplier Data
  2. Invoice AI – Efficiency, Compliance, Operational Excellence.
  3. Price Verify – Complete Price Visibility, Vendor Negotiation Power, Saving Assurance, and Accelerated Invoice Reconciliation
  4. Connect – Increased user adoption, Operational Efficiency, Strategic Impact, and Adaptability for future growth.


Q. I know you have only been with Relish for a brief time, but if you could tell everyone just one thing about Relish, what would it be?

A. Although my time here has been brief, it’s been incredibly impactful from the start. One of the aspects I admire most about Relish is the collective commitment to delivering the best product for procurement organizations. The dedication to excellence is evident in every project and interaction. Additionally, the teamwork at Relish is truly remarkable. Everyone is always ready to lend a hand, contributing wherever necessary to achieve our goals. It is refreshing and inspiring to be part of a team that is enthusiastic about our mission and genuinely supports and encourages one another. The enthusiasm for what we do and for each other at Relish is a constant source of motivation.


Q. What is your favorite condiment?

A. Relish, of course:).

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