This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Relish and its application development solution.

Relish was founded by individuals with extensive consulting experience who recognized the gaps in IT solutions, especially when it comes to procurement. Relish aims to build lightweight apps that strategically augment enterprise solutions, optimizing investments in procurement solutions. This analysis examines Relish’s platform and applications, identifies competitors in the space, offers user considerations, and concludes with some key takeaways.

Here’s Why Relish Matters

To the market — Relish offers comprehensive solutions for validating supplier data and processing invoices, addresses gaps in existing software solutions, and in doing so, has become a key player in the OEM app marketplace.

To potential buyers — Relish offers smooth operations and enhanced data validation capabilities with its seamless integration with existing systems and workflows, particularly if customers use solution providers with which Relish has proven integration, such as Coupa and SAP.

Quick facts

  • Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio, US
  • Year founded: 2020
  • Employee count: 65
  • Customer count: 116
  • Customer regions: North America, South America, Europe
  • Funding to date: Series A
  • Main industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Public Sector


Solution Overview

Relish’s apps offer comprehensive solutions for validating supplier data and digitizing invoices that seamlessly fit into workflows. With a strong focus on efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, Relish aims to fill the gaps in existing software solutions and become a key player in the OEM app marketplace, specifically to provide OEM apps for popular B2B solutions, such as Coupa, SAP, SAP Ariba, and Workday. Relish’s value primarily lies in how it enhances workflows by addressing areas not covered by current software options. Relish’s main applications focus on validating and enriching data, particularly supplier information and invoice data digitization. These apps offer various validation statuses, such as Pass Match, Warning and Error, and features that automatically improve data quality based on confidence levels. Exception handling is made easier through streamlined workflow routing based on validation results. Relish allows for template-free validation using AI models, with ongoing improvements driven by machine learning (ML). Although tax and coding validation currently rely on ERP systems, plans for future implementations are in progress. Additionally, Relish provides localization features to adapt to multilingual and country-specific regulations. It supports varied e-invoice government regulations with partnerships. Key metrics, such as time savings and ongoing improvement through ML-driven enhancements, highlight Relish’s dedication to enhancing efficiency and accuracy in workflows.

Platform and Services Overview

Relish’s platform distinguishes itself through advanced integration capabilities and an adaptable architecture that is designed to enhance user workflows within existing enterprise systems. It incorporates additional functionalities directly into users’ established routines. Additionally, Relish’s architecture allows for custom solutions that targets the specific challenges of each client. The architecture of Relish’s platform mirrors the demands of large organizations, matching the scale and rigor of the systems it aims to extend. In terms of services, Relish supports its software solutions with a customer success program that includes a standardized deployment process for its solutions and ongoing post-deployment support. Relish claims it aims to serve not just as a software provider but as a partner dedicated to delivering long-term value by supporting clients through their digital transformation journeys.

Modules and Application Overview

Relish offers two main applications designed to enhance workflow efficiency and accuracy within organizations. These applications are the Data Assure App and the Invoice AI App (reinforced with Invoice Assistant). The former focuses on validating supplier information, while the latter concentrates on digitizing and validating invoices. Both apps integrate into an organization’s workflow suites to provide real-time updates and support.

Data Assure App

The Data Assure App by Relish addresses the challenge of supplier information validation and enrichment. Because it integrates external data sources with internal datasets, organizations can use the app to validate critical supplier information. The Data Assure App leverages all available global data sources, including tax ID, address, banking details, and sanction list checks, to ensure robust validation processes. Operating through integrations that Relish sets up with APIs from the solution provider’s native workflow to Relish, the app updates validations in real-time.

With the Data Assure App seamlessly embedded into the workflow, organizations receive prompt validation status updates, including Failed, No Data Available, and Passed, which customers can use to inform decision-making and regulatory adherence.
Data Assure Integrations Example
Invoice AI App (empowered by Invoice Assistant)

The Invoice AI App developed by Relish streamlines invoice digitization through advanced OCR (optical character recognition), ML technologies, and large language models (LLMs). This app can automatically detect text in various formats, such as PDFs, images, and handwritten documents. By leveraging AI, it extracts invoice details and validates them against master data and contextual information, which helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Moreover, the app effectively handles exceptions and identifies anomalies to minimize human reviews. Users can engage in natural language conversations with an Invoice Assistant, a conversational AI tool. For instance, when users need to edit, adjust, or process invoices, they can input their requests via typing, and the Invoice Assistant will take care of them. When editing, adjusting or processing invoices, users can type their requests, and Invoice Assistant will handle them. Moreover, the Invoice Assistant enhances the Invoice AI’s rules engine by creating new processing rules from user interactions. This feature captures best practices in real time, reducing the need for manual intervention and refining the invoice processing workflow. Using advanced AI techniques, Invoice Assistant responds to prompts while learning from user best practices to improve over time. The Invoice Assistant is designed to connect with various systems. It has integrations with platforms, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa and Workday. Additionally, there is a flexible API framework to connect with any invoice management system. This ensures clients can integrate the solution into their infrastructure without disruption. Invoice AI and the Invoice Assistant support invoices in 100+ languages and all ISO currencies.

Data Assure Integrations Example
Data Assure Integrations Example
Data Assure Integrations Example
Data Assure Integrations Example

Roadmap and Vision

Near Term

Relish is set to focus its near-term efforts on enhancing user experience and compliance capabilities. The platform plans to introduce features that ease customer configurations, so users can tailor the software more closely to their specific needs. This move signifies a shift towards greater user autonomy and flexibility in using Relish’s solutions. Additionally, Relish aims to expand the scope and depth of its supplier data validations, a critical component for ensuring transaction integrity and accuracy. Another notable area of expansion is the platform’s geographic coverage for government e-invoice mandates, which will broaden its international compliance and operational capabilities. These developments indicate Relish’s commitment to refining its platform’s usability and regulatory adherence, catering to the nuanced demands of its global customer base.

Long Term

Looking to the future, Relish intends to significantly extend its platform’s reach and versatility. The long-term strategy involves partnering with additional platforms, thereby enhancing the suite of tools available to enterprise system users. This expansion is designed to address a wider array of unresolved requirements, offering more comprehensive and adaptable solutions to the challenges faced by enterprises. By doing so, Relish aims to automate a greater portion of the procurement process. Relish is positioning itself to remain a key player in the digital transformation landscape, providing secure, scalable and compliant solutions that cater to the evolving needs of large organizations.


User Considerations

Use Relish when:

Your organization requires robust supplier data validation capabilities, especially if you deal with many suppliers and need to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their information.

Your company relies heavily on invoice processing and management, particularly if you handle a high volume of invoices and need a solution that can efficiently digitize, validate and enrich invoice data while ensuring accuracy.

You seek a solution that offers seamless integration with existing systems and workflows for supplier data validation and invoice digitization, especially if you use solutions providers where Relish has proven integrations like Coupa and SAP.

For solution providers connected to Relish, its strength lies in addressing the shortcomings or gaps within existing solutions, making its value proposition highly relevant for organizations that use these solutions. Relish has heavily invested in its AI, ML and GenAI capabilities, strategically applying them where they are most needed. In terms of its applications, Relish offers compelling use cases and capabilities that are not yet developed in the solutions it integrates with. This offering generates distinct value, setting Relish as a good solution partner.

About Relish

Relish App solutions strategically extend your enterprise applications to maximize your investment.  The Relish Application Platform is powered by native APIs to simplify the complex, close enterprise solutions’ functionality gaps, and bridge enterprise data systems to help teams collaborate. Relish has done the solution development, so you don’t have to…just log-in and go!