Eric joined Relish in 2021.  Now that he has been with Relish for a while and is leading Sales, we have a few questions for him!


Q. What is the meaning of life?

A. Find your passion, help others, and surround yourself with family, friends, and people who truly get you—and always remember to laugh!

Q. When and why did you join the Relish team?

A. I joined Relish in 2021 to help build a tech company that solves customer problems. Relish was intriguing because it has a unique approach. Rather than building standalone applications, Relish partners with tech giants like Coupa, SAP, ServiceNow, Workday, and others to embed new, modern capabilities into these solutions for customers, future-proofing their investment.

Q. Which is your favorite Relish App Solution and why?

A. Choosing a favorite Relish solution is tricky. If I had to pick, Data Assure stands out for its simplicity and extensibility. It helps build trust between customers and their suppliers—accelerating business. Still, the many layers of artificial intelligence powering Invoice AI are remarkable, showcasing how AI can effectively solve business challenges when applied to the proper use cases.

Q. If you could tell the world one thing about Relish, what would it be?

A.  I’d say everyone could use a little Relish! Our unique approach and obsessive pursuit of tech innovation and problem-solving sets us apart. Founded by consultants, technologists, and practitioners, we work tirelessly to make life easier for our customers.

Q. What is your favorite condiment?

A. I’m not a condiment person—it depends on the dish. But if we’re talking cheeseburgers, then it’s definitely ketchup. However, when it comes to tech solutions, everyone could use a little Relish!

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