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Guaranteed Anti-Fraud Checks


All registering supplier data is validated, flagged, or rejected based on automatic multi-source spot checks. Relish Data Assure validates legal name, address, Tax IDs, bank information, up-to-date Sanctions lists like OFAC, and more. Custom validations are also available.

Save Time and Resources


Rather than manually looking up supplier data, your supplier onboarding team can focus on risks identified by Relish.  Focus your efforts on those problems.  Experience less supplier fraud and realize the true value of your supplier management solution. 

Relish Data Assure automatically validates supplier data in 1-step

"We're proud to have Relish on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers even greater supplier data integration and validation capabilities to reduce supplier fraud and eliminate supplier registration errors."

– Rodger Goulart, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa Software

Eliminate rekeying of supplier

invoices into electronic invoices

for AP


Relish’s AI engines and OCR can turn supplier invoices of any format – PDF, Image formats, CSV, Excel, Handwritten or photographed – into Digital Invoices ready for your AP process.  Your team doesn’t need to retype them in, worry about errors, or even teach our AI.  We’ll do that!

Address invoice rejections and warning to suppliers before submission


Comparing the supplier’s Invoice header and line details to the expectation in the Purchase Order, Contract, or Service Agreement will highlight any validation issues for the supplier to resolve before officially submitting.  Valid invoices generate fewer supplier rejections from your AP process. See press release.

AI-Powered Invoice Digitization for Coupa Invoicing Management 

"Relish Invoice AI gives our customers even greater capabilities to validate digitized invoices against the PO, contract, or vendor reference data."

– Rodger Goulart, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa Software