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Data Assure Embedded in Coupa

Guarantee Anti-Fraud Checks Happen

Relish Data Assure globally validates legal names, addresses, US bank ownership leveraging GIACT, tax IDs, up-to-date sanctions lists (like OFAC), and more. Integrate any third-party data source (D&B, ISNetworld, EcoVadis, GAN, and more) to enrich supplier profiles.

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Save Time and Resources

Apply automated checks in the supplier onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information and run periodic checks for risky suppliers. Better yet, add automation to the invoicing process when processing one-time suppliers for payment. Automated checks are triggered from within your enterprise workflows and responses and recommendations are given through registration questionnaires. Focus your efforts on those problems.  Experience less supplier fraud and realize the true value of your supplier management solution.

Embedded Supplier Validation

"We're proud to have Relish on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers even greater supplier data integration and validation capabilities to reduce supplier fraud and eliminate supplier registration errors."

– Rodger Goulart, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa Software

Relish Invoice AI Coupa Infographic

Relish Invoice AI Overview

AI-based invoice digitization

Invoice AI reads invoices from any source, in any format, and automatically validates and integrates them into Coupa. Eliminate re-keying and errors to ensure your invoices are ready to process.

How many different methods are used to collect invoices? PDF, CSV, XLS, JPEG, paper?  Now all invoices (in all formats) are automatically queued for digitization. Relish Invoice AI is powered by an AI-enhanced Advanced OCR system that finds details from the header and lines.

Additional sources like government XML (Mexico, Brazil, etc.) can be routed similarly.

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Address invoice rejections and warning to suppliers before submission

Validate digitized Invoice details against PO or contract, but also against master data, POs, government tax authorities, and more. Compare the supplier’s invoice header and line details to the expectation in the PO, the contract/service agreement will highlight any validation issues for the supplier to resolve before officially submitting.

See press release.

AI-Powered Invoice Digitization for Coupa Invoicing Management 

"Relish Invoice AI gives our customers even greater capabilities to validate digitized invoices against the PO, contract, or vendor reference data."

– Rodger Goulart, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Coupa Software