Relish Data Infuse

Elevating your supplier data management with precision and intelligence.

How to transform your data management from a routine task to a strategic asset

Relish Data Infuse redefines the approach to supplier data management by seamlessly integrating with your existing SRM systems. It’s crafted to provide a strategic advantage in data handling, offering a solution that not only synchronizes supplier information but empowers your business with actionable insights. Data Infuse is about transforming your data management from a routine task to a strategic asset, enhancing both operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Why Infuse your Supplier Data?

Streamline Data Management

Integrate various data sources into your supplier management process.

Enhance Business Decisions

Leverage enriched, up-to-date supplier data to inform strategic choices.

Process Agility

Flexible data management workflows that adapt to your business needs, offering

Reduce IT Dependency

Pre-built integrations ensure easy adoption across your system landscape.

Proactive Supplier Monitoring

Stay up to date on your suppliers’ status and updates, aiding risk management.

Core Features of Relish Data Infuse

Comprehensive Data Source Integration

Connects with external and internal data sources effortlessly.

Advanced Data Management

Stores and manages supplier information for easy reference and accessibility.

Agile Workflows

Customizable workflows to suit specific business requirements.

Dynamic Data Synchronization

Ensures supplier data is always current across systems.

Supplier Monitoring

Provides ongoing insights into supplier status and data changes.

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