Automated enterprise data extraction 

  • See beyond transactions to fully analyze spend and identify savings
  • Save time with automated, single-request data extractions
  • Extract the data in a format to meet your needs
  • Enrich your data before extraction

Save time and resources with automated data extractions


  • Relish INSIGHTS’ exclusive algorithm ensures all data is extracted with a single data request.
  • Extractions are not constrained by pagination, filter, API rate, or API instance limitations, therefore one request automatically delivers the complete extracted data file.
  • Extract all your data in one download. Relish INSIGHTS automatically extracts all the data to complete the request in one transaction.

Use the extraction format that fits your needs

  • Relish INSIGHTS extracts data in many formats including; JSON, CSV, TXT, ZIP, and SQL.
  • Extraction supports Amazon S3, SharePoint, Qualtrics XM, SAP Data Warehouse, and more. Relish INSIGHTS integrates to data analysis environments like Power BI, Tableau, SAP Cloud Analytics, and more.

See beyond transactions with enriched data

  • Enrich your data with multiple custom sources prior to extraction. Gain insight into your transaction data by enriching your data for analysis.
  • Combine your data with other data sources at the time of the extraction for detailed analyses to identify trends, savings opportunities, and supplier leakage.

Automate data cleansing and reporting functions

Save time with reduced manual processing. Set your data cleansing, reporting standards, and rules for automatic processing.