Relish Invoice Assistant

Turn the Tables on Manual and Paper Invoice Processing with Invoice Assistant

Automate and Simplify the Most Complex Aspects of Manual Invoice Management

Paper and manual invoices can be a maze of complexity, requiring rigorous reconciliation and processing. Invoice Assistant offers a cutting-edge conversational AI tool designed to navigate this maze, specially tailored for supplier invoices that arrive via email or mail.

Why Invoice Assistant for Conquering Manual Invoice Challenges?

Adaptive Intelligence

Minimal to zero training is needed as the system learns from your actions.

Process Automation

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually processing each paper or email-based invoice.

Operational Excellence

Navigate the complexities of non-electronic invoices with greater efficiency and fewer adjustments needed over time.

Core Features of Relish Invoice Assistant:

Handle Manual Complexity

Handles invoices in over 200 languages.

Rule-Based Automation

Make manual adjustments once and let Invoice Assistant automate them for future invoices.

Exception Resolution

Streamline the reconciliation of paper and manual invoices with built-in conditional logic.

Adaptive Learning

The more you interact, the smarter the system gets, reducing the need for future manual adjustments.

Drowning in a sea of paper and email-based supplier invoices?

Take control with Invoice Assistant today and set a new standard for operational excellence in manual invoice processing.