Automated contract and invoice price tracking and verification

  • Complete visibility of historical price changes
  • Always pay the correct contracted price
  • Accelerate invoice reconciliation cycle times
  • Eliminate savings leakage

Reduce the Invoice Reconciliation Workload

The history of contracted price changes is automatically and instantly retrieved to validate that supplier-submitted invoices contain the correct prices and fees.

More Effective Vendor Negotiations

Effective supplier relationship management and optimal sourcing strategies are enhanced via visibility into historical pricing trends with suppliers for given materials and/or services. Trend visualizations make it easy for sourcing teams to work with vendors based on accurate and detailed historical pricing details.

Eliminate Savings Leakage By Always Paying the Contracted Price

Track contract price changes and ensure invoice price compliance on amended, renewed, and complex contracts.

Improved Treasury Management with Accelerated Invoice Reconciliation Cycle Times

The time eliminated from the invoice reconciliation process supports cash management strategies to take advantage of favorable payment terms