Relish Price Verify

Automated Contract and Invoice Price Tracking

Track pricing changes and ensure price compliance on all contracts

Unlock precision in procurement with Relish Price Verify. Our automated solution ensures that you always pay the correct contracted price, reducing the invoice reconciliation workload and eliminating savings leakage.

Why Price Verify for Automated Compliance of Historical Price Changes?

Complete Price Visibility

Instantly access historical price changes for accurate invoice verification.

Vendor Negotiation Power

Enhance supplier relationship management and sourcing strategies with historical pricing trends.

Savings Assurance

Track contract price changes and guarantee compliance with contract terms.

Accelerated Invoice Reconciliation

Streamline the process to optimize treasury management and cash flow.

Core Features of Relish Price Verify


Our automated system eliminates manual price checks, reducing workload and ensuring accuracy.

Savings Protection

Say goodbye to savings leakage by consistently paying the contracted price.

Vendor Collaboration

Foster better relationships with suppliers through transparent pricing data.

Cash Flow Optimization

Speed up invoice reconciliation for improved treasury management.

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