Relish Procurement Assistant

One Assistant, Endless Systems: The Relish Procurement Revolution.

AI Assistants for Procurement Whitepaper

2024: The Turning Point for Procurement.
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AI Assistants are about to profoundly impact procurement purchasing processes, from sourcing and contracting to invoicing and payment. Read how AI will greatly enhance existing procurement software you use today by acting like a conversational assistant, providing intelligent guidance and vastly improving efficiencies as the AI adapts and learns.

Relish Procurement Assistant is making interactions with enterprise applications simpler and more intuitive.

The Relish Procurement Assistant isn’t just another tool; it’s a revolution in how we interact with enterprise systems. Mastering the language of your processes and rules, it serves as a beacon in the vast sea of data and procedures. More than just a tech marvel, it’s your everyday facilitator. It seamlessly integrates with all your company’s systems, always on standby to answer your questions and help you get your work done. From supplier insights to on-the-spot spend analysis, to taking action, it’s the support every modern enterprise deserves.

A Procurement Assistant Designed for You:

Universal Compatibility

One assistant to bridge all platforms, making sure your workflow is always uninterrupted.

Intuitive Interaction

Fetch detailed insights and get things done without the tech jargon, thanks to its natural-language capabilities.

Boost Your Productivity

Prioritize core tasks and let the assistant handle the intricate details.

Future-Ready Ally

Evolves with your company’s trajectory, always staying a step ahead.

Adaptive Expertise

Navigate with the insight of an intuative tool, bringing an end-user focus to enterprise operations.

Core Features of Relish Procurement Assistant

Efficient Execution

Activate custom process flows and connections leveraging the Relish Platform.

Quick Document Creation

Upload your policies and instructions to enable your Assistant, who is always available to answer your questions.

All-Encompassing Integration

A singular assistant that spans all systems, offering a unified experience and transversal capabilities.

Stay Informed, Easily

Engage effortlessly, whether it’s via Slack, MS Teams, or other platforms.

Global Ready

One user-friendly Assistant working in any language.