Transparency Portal

Self-Service Transparency Portal for taxpayers & citizens

  • Self-Service taxpayer access Portal
  • Interactive emails for outbound engagement with local/SME suppliers
  • Forms and Follow-up for inbound inquiries
  • Custom forms for FOIA, Bid Protests and other inquiries
  • Manage follow-up Tasks and eMail campaigns

Show the Public Spend activities in self-service dashboards & searchable lists

Automated data gathering from spend & financial systems; storage in secure Data-Lake with Data transformations to ensure security and appropriate levels of disclosure. Dashboards, Analytics and detailed drill-downs where mandated. Self-Service access for external users without requirement to log-in.

Self-Service taxpayer access Portal

Forms and Follow-up for inbound inquiries. Interactive emails for outbound engagement with local/SME suppliers.

Custom Forms with Follow-up Task Management to ensure timely responses

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Bid Protest and other inbound inquiries from cititzens, taxpayers, the press, etc. can overwhelm those who must respond. An integrated system of forms and task management allows for reduced labor and latency in the mandated responses (with an audit trail too).

Ensure Timely Responses to Specific Inquiries with Forms & Task management tools

As Transparency increases, specific requests under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Bid Protests, etc. may increase. Managing the tasks around follow-up with timely and appropriate responses is key. Custom Forms and integrated Task Management reduces workload and improves response rates.

Email Campaign tools allow for better Outreach to potential suppliers

Outreach on public solicitations is facilitated by dedicated email campaigns utlizing “sequences” which can be managed and customized over time to gather a better set of local and/or SME suppliers. Tracking response to emails allows for refinements to the process over time.

Support Higher Adoption Rates

Storage of training materials, easy access to approval flows, and team collaboration supports user adoption.