Automatic supplier data validation with Workday 

Learn how to automate supplier data validations in Workday

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Relish Data Assure Overview

Securely Gather and Validate PII

Guarantee Anti-Fraud Checks Happen

Relish Data Assure is now embedded in Workday Strategic Sourcing to validate all registering supplier data. Supplier data is validated, flagged, or rejected based on automatic multi-source checks. Relish Data Assure globally validates legal names, addresses, US bank ownership leveraging GIACT, tax IDs, up-to-date sanctions lists (like OFAC), and more. Learn more about the Workday partnership with Relish, Achieve Automatic Supplier Data Validation In Workday.

Save Time and Resources

In Workday Strategic Sourcing, apply automated checks in the supplier onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information and run periodic checks for risky suppliers. Better yet, add automation to the invoicing process when processing one-time suppliers for payment. Automated checks are triggered from within your enterprise workflows and responses and recommendations are given through registration questionnaires. Rather than manually looking up supplier data, your supplier onboarding team can focus on risks identified by Relish in your Workday Strategic Sourcing solution. Experience less supplier fraud and realize the true value of your supplier management solution.