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> Introduction

Relish app solutions seamlessly integrate within Workday to automate supplier data validation and invoice processing. Designed to complement and enrich Workday’s robust functionalities, Relish adds crucial layers of validation and automation to boost operational capabilities.

> Solutions Overview

Relish Data Assure


Relish Data Assure enhances your supplier management operations in Workday Strategic Sourcing (WSS) and Workday Financial Management (WD Fins) by providing sophisticated real-time validation of supplier data. This solution integrates seamlessly, enriching your decision-making capabilities without disrupting existing processes.


Advanced Supplier Data Validation

Validates essential supplier information such as business names, tax IDs, and banking details, bank account ownership and presence on U.S. and international sanctions and exclusion lists (OFAC, EU, U.N., and others).

Trusted Sources and Agencies

Data Assure for Workday includes the technical and commercial relationships with agencies, data sources and providers to perform the most critical supplier data validations. Bundled with Data Assure, ready to consume in Workday.

Seamless Integration

Designed to operate within the existing Workday interface, maintaining workflow continuity. No new interface or solution for your users or suppliers to learn.

Real-Time Data Updates

Whether validations are used during supplier onboarding, self-service supplier updates or triggered on a recurring schedule, results are delivered within minutes to ensure data accuracy at all times.


Enhanced Security and Accuracy

Increases the reliability of supplier data, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.

Streamlined Operations

Integrates critical data checks into everyday processes, enhancing operational efficiency without additional complexity.

Informed Decision-Making

Supports better strategic sourcing and financial decisions with validated, up-to-date supplier information.

Relish Invoice AI


Relish Invoice AI streamlines the management of manual invoices received via email by integrating sophisticated AI-driven processes directly into Workday Financial Management. For those suppliers who are unable or unwilling to use more efficient submission methods, such as portals, EDI, or XML, Relish Invoice AI offers a seamless solution. Allow them to submit invoices via email and experience the same level of secure efficiency as you would with electronically submitted invoices.


Automated Invoice Processing

Digitizes and processes manual invoices using advanced AI technology. Easily handles multiple file types, complex formats, changing layouts and multi-national requirements without templates.

AI-Driven Learning

Adapts to and learns from your accounts payable team’s handling of invoice processes. Removes the need to keep making the same adjustments on invoices repeatedly.

Direct Integration with Workday Financial Management

Processes and data flow directly into Workday for efficient reconciliation and payment.


Reduced Manual Effort

Decreases the time and effort required to process complex manual invoices, freeing up resources for other tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance

Ensures invoices are processed accurately and in compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlines the invoice processing workflow, reducing the cycle time for payments and improving overall financial operations.

Read The Case Study:

“Relish Invoice AI not only automates and digitizes our Latin American invoices, but also reports them to the required government agencies ensuring compliance and eliminating errors.”.

Linda Rodriguez Avila, Global Accounts Payable Manager at EZCORP

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