Empower Your Risk and Fraud Strategy with Relish Data Assure for Workday SRM

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Navigating Supplier Risk with Precision and Insight

In our ever-evolving business world, supplier data isn’t merely about operational accuracy—it’s about harnessing insight to craft a proactive defense against fraud and undue risks. Where traditional methods fall short, Data Assure steps in, empowering you with the connections and insights needed to stay ahead.

Real-time Validation: A New Era of Supplier Data Protection  

  • Tax Insight: Illuminate potential discrepancies by aligning business entities with tax identifiers for any supplier globally.
  • Address Validation: Ensure supplier authenticity and shield against potential inaccuracies with thoroughly vetted addresses.
  • Bank Detail Assurance: Safeguard financial interactions by confirming Bank Names and Routing Numbers. Plus, with our GIACT integration, delve deeper into bank account ownership checks.
  • Sanctions & Exclusion List Vigilance: Elevate your business standing and avoid pitfalls by consistently aligning with U.S., EU, and global regulations.

Redefine Supplier Management with Workday

Partner with Workday and Relish Data Assure. Elevate supplier data validation from a task to an essential component of your risk and fraud management blueprint. Empower your operations, uphold your reputation, and pave the way for a secure, innovative future.

Address Validation Passed With Cautions

Innovation Meets Integration: The Power of Workday SRM & Relish Data Assure

Elevate your operations with the tried-and-tested partner solution embraced by Fortune 500 innovators, now seamlessly integrated into Workday SRM:

  • Automated, Insightful Defense: Drawing from a vast spectrum of databases, Data Assure not only validates but strategically arms you with precise insights.
  • Efficiency Meets Security: With Data Assure’s dynamic integration in Workday SRM, validations become a seamless blend of speed and security, keeping your business both agile and protected.
  • Transparency with Purpose: Beyond validation, Data Assure amplifies your strategy with pivotal evaluations and approvals, ensuring robust compliance and offering a suite of auditing tools tailored for today’s business landscape.
  • Turnkey Integration: The synergy of Workday and Relish Data Assure isn’t just about collecting data—it’s about innovating your defense against inaccuracies and potential fraud.