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What You'll Learn

  • Identifying the Root Causes: Understand why manual invoice processing persists despite technological advancements.
  • Automation Solutions: Learn how advanced AI can automate and optimize every step of your invoice processing workflow.
  • Tackling Complex Invoices: Strategies for handling non-PO invoices, telecom bills, utility payments, and international documents.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Best practices for adhering to regulatory requirements across different regions.

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Featured Content:

The Persistence of Manual Invoice Processing

Problem: The Current State of Invoice Processing

Beyond Efficiency to Complete Transformation

Mapping Challenges to Capabilities

Say Goodbye to Manual Invoice Headaches

Manual invoice processing is outdated, risky, and inefficient. Even with significant investments in supplier portals and electronic invoicing, many businesses still struggle with complex invoices, multi-lingual documents, and compliance issues.

Discover How to Transform Your Processes

Our whitepaper, “From Bottleneck to Breakthrough,” dives deep into the root causes of manual invoice interactions and provides actionable solutions to transform your Accounts Payable (AP) processes.

Relish is the leading provider of solutions for businesses to optimize procurement systems and processes.

As an integral technology partner of Coupa, SAP, and Workday, Relish’s solutions transform procurement systems and processes by strategically extending enterprise applications to maximize investment. Relish is obsessed with building scalable solutions that remedy enterprise software gaps.

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