Relish Data Assure

Automate, Validate, and Secure Supplier Data with Confidence

Why is Supplier Data Validation Critical?

Navigating the global market and the associated risk of fraud requires smart solutions for supplier data validation. Relish Data Assure excels in seamlessly verifying supplier details including bank accounts, ensuring accuracy and trust in your local and global vendors. This isn’t merely an efficiency problem; it’s about building robust defenses in a continuously evolving risk landscape. 

Why Choose Relish Data Assure for Data Validation?

Deep Integration

Elevate your existing vendor communication tools with seamless data validation to ensure efficiency and context.

Automated Security

Eliminate manual checks. With Data Assure, automate supplier data validation, significantly reducing your risk of fraud.

Trusted and Comprehensive

Our dynamic data sources ensure real-time validation and offer the flexibility to integrate more sources based on your requirements.

Data Integrity

We prioritize the security of your data, ensuring no storage of sensitive bank records or unauthorized usage.

Efficiency Boost

Reduce errors and amplify the performance of your supplier management systems by minimizing manual interventions.

Core Features of Relish Data Assure

Seamless Validation

Real-time supplier data compliance checks with recognized sanctions lists.

Global Reach

Supplier data validation capabilities in over 110 countries to mitigate risks across international operations.

Quick Implementation

Benefit from rapid deployments with our integration-first approach. Get your system up and running without any delays.


Achieve full clarity at every stage with auditable and reportable validations.

Mitigate Fraud Risk Across the Spend Management Process

Apply automated checks in the supplier onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information and run periodic checks for risky suppliers. Better yet, add automation to the invoicing process when processing one-time suppliers for payment.

Securely gather and validate all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with the Data Assure PII Add-on.  Check out the demo to see how it works.