Touchless, fully automated supplier data validation

  • Guarantee anti-fraud checks happen
  • Automatic validation of US bank accounts
  • Eliminate supplier data errors
  • Save time and effort

Relish Data Assure Eliminates Supplier Fraud and Data Errors

View two case studies to learn how specific lookups resulted in saved time and a wider net for detecting fraud.

Guarantee Anti-Fraud Checks Happen

All registering supplier data is validated, flagged, or rejected based on automatic multi-source spot checks. Relish Data Assure globally validates legal names, addresses, bank information, tax IDs, up-to-date sanctions lists (like OFAC), W8, W9, PII, and more. Through Relish’s partnership with GIACT, automatically validate US bank account ownership.  Integrate any third-party data source (EcoVadis, D&B, ISNetworld, GAN, and more) to enrich supplier profiles. See the 2-minute demo.

Mitigate Fraud Risk Across the Spend Management Process

Apply automated checks in the supplier onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information and run periodic checks for risky suppliers. Better yet, add automation to the invoicing process when processing one-time suppliers for payment.

Securely gather and validate all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with the Data Assure PII Add-on, see the demo.

Save Time and Effort

Rather than manually looking up supplier data, your supplier onboarding team can focus on risks identified by Relish. Focus your efforts on those problems.  Experience less supplier fraud and realize the true value of your supplier management solution.

Eliminate Supplier Data Errors

Automated checks are triggered from within your enterprise workflows and responses and recommendations are given through registration questionnaires. Mostly used in the registration process, this service can also work in Change requests and even for One-time Invoicing workflows.

Integrate Third-Party Data Sources

Have other information that needs to be looked up? Add these services and Relish will perform the lookups while leveraging your client license for the content. Let us do the tedious work and simply bring back results to you.