Automated supplier data validation in one step

  • Guarantee Anti-Fraud Checks are Happening
  • Mitigate Fraud Risk across the Spend Management Process
  • Save Time, Effort and focus on Exceptions

Data Assure clients are eliminating supplier fraud and data errors

View our two case studies to learn how specific lookups resulted in saved time and a wider net for detecting fraud. View Data Assure case studies.

Guarantee Anti-Fraud Checks are Happening

ALL Registering supplier data is validated, flagged, or rejected based on automatic multi-source spot checks. Supplier Data Assure validates legal name, address, Tax IDs in North America, Europe, Japan, and others, up-to-date Sanctions lists like OFAC, and more. Custom validations are also available. Learn more here.

Mitigate Fraud Risk across the Spend Management Process

Apply automated checks in the Supplier Onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information and run periodic checks for “risky” suppliers. Better yet, add automation to invoicing process when processing “one-time” suppliers for payment.

Learn how DATA ASSURE prevents supplier fraud.

Save Time, Effort and focus on Exceptions

Rather than looking up this data on each website, your Supplier onboarding team can focus on exceptional results brought back by Relish. We take away the tedious but highlight when flags get thrown. Focus your efforts on those problems.

Call the Relish APP from your existing Spend Management Solution

Automated checks are triggered from within your SAP/Ariba, Coupa, Ivalua or other supplier management solution. Relish acts as an automatic step in the approval process you already use!

Add Custom sources you already are subscribed to

Have other information that needs to be looked up? Add these services and Relish will perform the lookups while leveraging your client license for the content. Let us do the tedious work and simply bring back results to you.