Automatic invoice validation and digitization

  • All invoices collected, digitized, formatted, validated, and integrated
  • Receive all invoices, regardless of format, digitally and converted to your preferred format
  • Automated, AI-driven invoice data match validation
  • No supplier enablement required

AI-based invoice digitization based on your PO expectations

  • Emailed PDF, CSV, XLS, JPG files automatically queued for digitization.
  • AI enhanced OCR system finds details from header and lines.
  • Additional sources like government XML (Mexico, Brazil, etc.) can be routed similarly.
  • Let the Relish Digital Clerk AI work directly with suppliers to deliver valid digital invoices to your AP process, see a demo.

Eliminate rekeying of each suppliers’ invoices into electronic invoices


  • When suppliers email PDF, CSV, JPG invoices, Relish’s AI engines and OCR turn them into digital invoices ready for your AP process.
  • Your team doesn’t need to re-type them in, worry about errors or even teach our AI. We’ll do that (enlisting the supplier who cares more about it too!).

Configure invoice validations to clear any issues addressable by the supplier

  • Validate digitized Invoice details against PO or contract, but also against vendor reference data.
  • Additional warnings for discrepancies with government approved Invoice data or supplier network data is also available. Supplier clears or overrides before submission.
  • Institute Of Finance & Management (IOFM) Interview
invoice processing


Address invoice rejections and warnings to suppliers before submission


  • Comparing the supplier’s invoice header and line details to the expectation in the PO, contract, service agreement will highlight any validation issues for the supplier to resolve before officially submitting.
  • Valid Invoices generate less supplier rejections from your AP process.