Relish Invoice AI

Take Control of Manual and Complex Invoice Processing with Invoice AI

Your Comprehensive Solution to the Complex World of Invoice Management

Manual, complex, and tedious invoices can overwhelm even the most organized Accounts Payable teams. Invoice AI leverages cutting-edge Conversational AI technology, including our Invoice Assistant feature, to simplify this daunting task.

Why Relish Invoice AI to Transform Your Manual Invoice Processing?


Spend less time on manual, complex, and tedious invoices.


Handle government-mandated invoicing requirements globally and effortlessly.

Operational Excellence

Navigate invoice complexities with fewer adjustments needed over time.

Core Features of Relish Invoice AI:

Multi-Lingual Support

Handles invoices in over 200 languages.

Adaptive Intelligence

Never build an OCR template again. Invoice Assistant, your conversational AI helper, tackles the most variable and complex invoices with ease.

Rule-Based Automation

Adjust once and let Invoice Assistant set rules for future invoices.

Exception Handling

Built-in conditional logic and invoice validation with your transactions, policies and data incorporated streamlines reconciliation.

Conversational AI digitizes and validates all invoices received outside your procurement applications

Eliminate rekeying of supplier invoices into electronic invoices and ensure accurate invoices regardless of format, adaptable without training or templates. Validate digitized Invoice details against PO or contract, and also against vendor reference data.

Additional warnings for discrepancies with government approved Invoice data or supplier network data is also available. Supplier clears or overrides before submission.

Read The Case Study:

“Relish Invoice AI not only automates and digitizes our Latin American invoices, but also reports them to the required government agencies ensuring compliance and eliminating errors.”.

Linda Rodriguez Avila, Global Accounts Payable Manager at EZCORP

Independent Vendor Analysis Report

This objective report by Spend Matters provides an independent, authoritative analysis of our company and application development solutions.

Buried under manual, complex, and tedious supplier invoices?

Break free with Invoice AI and establish a new standard for operational excellence in invoice processing.